Fresh Baby Storm Cloud (RTS  Merino Wool)

Fresh Baby Storm Cloud (RTS Merino Wool)

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A cuddly soft merino wool storm cloud, perfectly sized for a tiny fresh baby. Whoever is wearing this will be the cutest storm cloud you ever saw - even if they're practicing their thunder sounds. ;-) 

Wool keeps sheep happy in all weather - and it's temperature regulating qualities also work on you! Wool can absorb up to thirty percent of it's weight in moisture and not feel wet - and even soaked, it still keeps you warm! These qualities make it a perfect choice for little babies. 

Made from premium organic merino wool interlock that is gathered and knit in the USA and dyed in small batches by hand using high quality acid dyes. Each item is sewn by me in my house. The handmade nature of items means there is a possibility there may be slight variations; I do not consider these 'imperfections' but rather part of the natural process of a handmade item. These natural variations do not impact garment quality.