Evel Coonevel: Moon Jump

Evel Coonevel: Moon Jump

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They say the cow jumped over the moon - Evel Coonevel, hearing the story, knew he had to set about jumping over the moon too! 

All shirts made from 95%/5% Cotton/Spandex 

Shirt Styles: 

Basic Tee: more fitted 

Willow tee: average/relaxed 

Play Tee: Relaxed fit 

Each item is sewn by me in my house. The handmade nature means there is a possibility there may be slight variations; I do not consider these 'imperfections' but rather part of the natural process of a handmade item. These natural variations do not impact garment quality.  

Which style shirt should I choose for my child?


Lets talk about Sizing, Fit, and Style!


Sizing refers to the relationship between the child's physical measurements and the garment’s measurements. When you measure your child, you determine whether they fall squarely in a size, or are currently between sizes.


In this definition, “Fit” is a noun! Fit is the way a garment of a certain size fits the wearer. Within the correct size, differently shaped wearers wearing the same style will experience differences of fit.


A garment’s 'style' is the designer’s vision of what an item will look like when worn. Our Basic Tee is a lean-style shirt and our Willow Tee falls is more relaxed. The correct size can be found in either style, but the styles will fit the same child differently.


Style is fun to play with.


Once you know what size(s) to consider, you’ll make a choice about Fit.  Style and Fit go hand in hand, overlapping slightly. "Do you like a shirt that fits “right now' or a shirt they will have room to 'grow into’?   String beans can look cute in oversized tees, too!  Chunky baby's sometimes slim down as they start walking - an upsized basic tee can be a way to bridge that transition.