Merino Wool Pixie Hat
Merino Wool Pixie Hat

Merino Wool Pixie Hat

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Our Pixie Hat is made from premium Merino Wool interlock with professionally bound edges that create a soft, comforting, snugness. Since wool regulates temperature it keeps little ears comfortable no matter the weather and the wicking properties of wool mean even when your little explorer is running around, they won’t feel sweaty.

These hats are super stretchy - make sure to read our size chart. 

About our Pixie Hat 

Like all great things, our Pixie Hat began with a problem that needed to be fixed. My son, Dashel, did not like wearing hats. There was something about them that caused him to yank at them within seconds - and then they would shift and he would cry out in frustration. Chin straps and ties worried me - and seemed simply to make it harder for him to remove something he did not like. 

I decided to design something that would truly fit his head - snug without being too tight, with a clean, trim edge. I thoughtfully side-stepped the chin strap and ties in favor of a hat that would hug by his ears. A little pointed tip that curled up whimsically made me smile. 

The first time I put our Pixie Hat on him, I held my breath, waiting for him to yank it off. He paused for a moment, as if as surprised as myself. The rest is history. 



Fresh Baby (13-14")

Baby (14-15"),

Toddler (15-17"),

Child (17-18.5"),

Big Kid (19-20") (5+/snug SMALL adult)

Youth (small adult) (20-21"). 


This item is part of a preorder: A pre-order is for made-to-order items placed by a group and completed together. Items will begin being made AFTER payment is received. Turn around time is anywhere from 2-5 weeks. Items are handmade - there may be slight variations. Colors may not look like the picture on your screen.