Zip Pocket Raglan

Zip Pocket Raglan

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Have you ever been on an adventure and found the most perfect rock, seashell, or feather and realized it won't fit in your pocket? Avoid that devastating feeling with our Zip Pocket Raglan sweatshirts and hoodies! Easy open, easy close - and big enough for all your treasures. Plus, the wide opening means it's easy to empty when it is time to wash! 

Made from organic mid-weight Merino Wool interlock that is made from happy sheep. Our wool is dyed in small batches using high quality acid dyes and sewn by me. 


Two colors available: 

Meridian (a deep petrol color), 2T hoodie 

Harbor (a deep jewel tone blue) 3T, sweatshirt (mild seconds due to issues not seen while worn and accordingly discounted).